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A Good Leash and a Good Fence are a Good Thing

skinny dog through chain link fence

We currently have 7 dogs in our household. All of them (except1) were probably unwillingly given to us by their owners either because they failed to fence their dog properly or let them off leash.

Our dog play yard not only has a 6 foot chain link fence. There is also another 6 foot fence behind the chain link and there is another two feet of fencing that is buried underneath the ground.

You see some dogs are what they call diggers and some dogs are what they call escape artists. We have a little of both. Again that is probably how they came to be ours in the first place. But none of them have ever (knock on wood) gotten away from us. And we want to keep it that way.

If you think your dog is safe off leash, here is a story that may change your mind, Missing Fla. dog shows up 1,000 miles away in Ill. It is never completely safe to have your dog off leash outdoors other than in an area that is properly fenced. And it is against the law.

Even if your dog will stay with you 100% of the time, you have no way of knowing if another dog or other animal will come upon your dog and attack him or her.

Nylon webbing leash, a common style

When I am out walking one of my dogs, who is aggressive towards other dogs, sometimes an unleashed dog will come up to us and cause my dog to go into a fit of rage. A dog that is leashed perceives that he or she is at a disadvantage when being confronted with an unleashed dog and will show more aggression than normal as a way of protecting himself or herself.

Why put your dog or other dogs/animals at unnecessary risk? Always leash or properly fence in your dog whenever he or she is outdoors.

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