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Human Medications Can Be Very Harmful To Your Pet


Pet Connections has an article about the most common human medications and their potential harmfulness to animals.  Advil and Tylenol are especially harmful as are some commonly prescribed drugs like Advair and Abilify.

And here is some good common sense with regard to ALL medications in your home:

It’s best practice to make sure all your medications are far out of reach of your pets, and you should never store drugs in plastic (even Ziploc-type) bags. They’re too easily chewed through, and since the bags are transparent, the pets can see the potential goodies inside.

Here is another article which points out human medications for three years in a row now top the list of toxins that have sickened pets in the United States.

PS:  Also don’t forget to keep all of those delicious chocolate candies far far away from your dogs.  Chocolate is poison for dogs.


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