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Dusty loved us and we loved Dusty.

Thanks for the wonderful memories you gave us.

Thanks for the wonderful memories you gave us.

This was Dusty. We fostered Dusty from the SW WA Humane Society in the spring of 2007. Dusty had non-contagious mange and had lost much of his hair. He was the ulgiest dog I’ve ever seen even if he had not lost his hair. Dusty was treated and cured of his mange although some of the hair never did grow back.

During the time we were treating Dusty we found out that this ugly dog had a heart of gold. There was no way that we could give him back to the shelter to be adopted out. We lost Dusty last summer. He is missed much. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

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This is our most recent foster dog.  He is about 9 years old.  Has a little sneeze.  When he is excited he twirls around  but it is always in the clockwise direction.  Compared to our other dogs, he is about the size of one of their heads.

But he is unbelievably cute and sweet.  He will own someone very soon that will love him to death.  You just can’t help it with him.


PuBear (click to enlarge)


PuBear (click to enlarge)

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How to save and improve lives – be a foster volunteer for HSSW

My spouse and I are foster parents for the local humane society. We have fostered dozens of dogs and more cats than we can count. And besides the extra wear and tear on our house and on our hearts (when we have to give back the foster animal for permanent adoption), we have nothing but praise for the program.

Do you want to become a foster family for the Humane Society of SW Washington (HSSW)? Here is how:

First you attend the Volunteer Orientation which is usually held on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Thursday each month. To verify the date and to reserve a space, you must contact Kate Goudschaal at (360) 693-4746 x209, the volunteer coordinator at HSSW.

Once you have attended the above orientation, there is a Foster Program Training held periodically by Denia Stevens, the Foster Care Coordinator. She can be reached at (360) 693-4746 x205.

Foster kittens you tube video (collapsible)

Hey you!!!!! You know you want to be a foster parent! How can you resist?

Foster Kitten
foster kitten from the Humane Society

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is looking for loving foster homes. For more information contact:
Denia Stevens,
Foster Care Coordinator
693-4746 ext. 205, or 281-5995

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Duncan (click photo to enlarge)

Duncan, a lively Jack Russell – Dalmatian mix, lived with us during his recovery from a leg amputation. Even though he had only only 3 legs, he would go up our stairs 4 at a time. And this was 2 days after the surgery! He was eventually adopted by a very caring couple who couldn’t resist his cuddliness and cuteness.

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Rosebud and Tulip

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Juno, The Husky Foster (3 legged) Puppy

We had the joy of fostering a Husky that had his right front leg bent backwards through abuse and was then abandoned to the local shelter. Volunteer (unpaid) Veterinarians at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington performed surgery and straightened the leg. Puppy spent a night in severe pain (he was heavily medicated though).

After a couple weeks it was apparent to all that the leg was not healing properly and the leg was amputated. Juno spent another night in pain (again he was heavily medicated). Three legged dogs actually do quite well in life. They don’t let it bother them.

Juno has now been adopted. We miss him terribly but it is for the best (we already have plenty of creatures roaming our house). The new caretakers/adopters provided the slide in this video with Juno getting doused with a hose. This is a dog that a shelter saved and has already brought much joy to many people including us!

Below is a picture of Juno all grown up and taken recently by his wonderful new family in Vancouver found over at FeffandFairy. He has captured their hearts too.

Juno - Older and more loved (click photo to enlarge)

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